Polypropylene fiber PoliArm 25 mm


TM FIBER «PoliArm» fiber is a high-quality modern alternative to steel fiber.

It is intended for construction of industrial concrete floors, screeds, road and airfield pavements, concrete structural elements of residential and industrial buildings.


The «PoliArm» fiber, due to its 8.5 times lower specific gravity compared with metal fiber, makes it possible to fill concrete with much higher amount of fibers per unit volume without increasing the load on foundations.

One of substantial advantages of «PoliArm» fiber is the fact that, unlike steel fiber, it does not increase wear of concrete mixers, dispensers and pumps.

Due to combination of high amount of fibers per kilogram weight, and due to the fiber shape and adhesive capacity, substantial increase of concrete and mortar bending tensile strength is achieved.


  • Increase of impact and fatigue strength
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Improved concrete abrasion resistance
  • Prevention of concrete mix segregation
  • Higher adhesive properties
  • Prevention of explosive spalling of concrete at high temperatures
  • Reduced weight of structures without degradation of strength properties
  • Compensation of internal stresses through lower density
  • Reduction of work needed for placement of steel mesh reinforcement
  • Higher weather resistance
  • Resistance to corrosion and seawater
  • Anti-electrostatic properties
  • Operation without damage to concrete mixing and conveying equipment

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 2.0 to 6.0 kg per 1 m3