Polypropylene fiber "X Mesh"

Intended use

Fiber X Mesh is a textured synthetic macrofiber made from oriented polypropylene copolymer in the form of twisted rigid fibers treated with a special composition that improves adhesion to concrete.

Length Fiber X Mesh 23; 39; 54 mm 

Properties Fiber X Mesh

  • volume distribution in a concrete matrix, reduction of cracking and segregation
  • Increase in tensile strength in bending
  • Increased shock resistance
  • High efficiency of energy absorption at a low gauging
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Corrosion resistance in aggressive environments
  • Lack of wear effect of concrete mixing and feeding units
  • Economic benefits (speeding up work, reducing labour inputs, reducing logistics costs)
1 м³ of concrete mix contains 1 000 000 pcs. PoliArm polypropylene Fiber X Mesh * compared with 45000 pcs. steel fibers* - i.e.  22.2 times more elementary fibers.
*At dosage rate of Fiber X Mesh 2kg/м³ length of fibre 39 mm.


  • Industrial concrete floors
  • Sand cement screeds
  • Mortars
  • Small architectural forms casted from concrete
  • Parking lots, car parks
  • Road, bridge and airfield surfacings
  • Shortcrete
  • Concrete structural elements of residential and non-residential buildings, tunnels, mines, roads, bridges
  • Hydraulic facilities
  • Bank vaults
  • Concretes of classes B5-B100, etc.