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Effect produced by тм «fiber» «MicroArm» and «PoliArm»
on basic properties of cement concrete and mortar
In the course of a longstanding cooperation with design and research institutions, positive effect produced by TM Fiber polymer fibers on properties of concrete is confirmed, which is evidenced by laboratory and industrial tests carried out at scientific institutions and construction sites.
Advantages of TM Fiber polypropylene тм «fiber»
Use of polymer fibers in concrete as a micro- and macro-reinforcing ingredient results in substantial improvement of its strength properties:
  • Reduction of shrinkage phenomena
  • Higher bending tensile strength
  • Reduction of concrete mix segregation
  • Improvement of frost resistance
  • Higher resistance to impact loads
  • Reduction of abradability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Decrease of labor intensity of construction work
Reduction of costs associated with logistics, warehousing and storage, and, subsequently, production of more durable and maintenance-free building structures, which is a primary task in modern civil engineering and production of construction materials

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Polypropylene fiber is used for the reinforcement of structures made of concrete and other building mixtures to increase the resistance to stretching, abrasion, impact load and significantly reduces the likelihood of cracking. Fiber for concrete is a modern material that is used as a reinforcing additive consisting of a large number of fibers. It is possible to buy fiber in Dnipro from the partners of the company "DIIF".

On our website you can get acquainted with all the characteristics and types of polypropylene fiber that we produce. The price of the fiber is relatively low, considering the advantages it gives when used in construction.