Polypropylene multifilament yarn TM Fiber

MULTIFILAMENT YARN ТМ «FIBER» - TM Fiber polypropylene yarn is high-strength multifilament yarn having a linear density of 900 to 3600 denier.


It is intended for production of yarns, cords, twisted and plaited ropes, woven tapes, fabrics, big bags; it is used in footwear and bag fabrication.


MULTIFILAMENT YARN ТМ «FIBER» The yarn is resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, cold and moisture resistant; it has high flexing strength and endurance; it is wear resistant, non-susceptible to decay and mold fungi.


  • High strength, low specific gravity
  • Stability to rapid temperature drops
  • Stability to sharp temperature fluctuations
  • UV-stabilized material, light durability
  • Neutral to acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemical agents