Polypropylene fiber PoliArm 40,55 mm


ТМ «FIBER» «PoliArm» fiber is a high-quality modern alternative to steel fiber.

It is intended for construction of concrete structural elements of tunnels, roads, pits, waterworks, bank storage vaults.


«PoliArm» fiber, unlike metal fibers, does not gravitate to lower layers of concrete; it is distributed evenly throughout the product ensuring reduction of cracking, and excludes corrosion common to metal reinforcement.

When used for pneumatic concrete placing to vertical and especially horizontal ceiling surfaces, «PoliArm» fiber not only facilitates reduction of concrete bouncing off thus reducing concrete spillage, but also enables placement of thicker concrete layers in one cycle without quality loss of shotcrete coating.


  • Increase of compression strength and bending tensile strength
  • Increase of impact and fatigue strength
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Improved concrete abrasion resistance
  • Prevention of concrete mix segregation
  • Higher adhesive properties
  • Improved concrete fire resistance
  • Reduced weight of structures without degradation of strength properties
  • Compensation of internal stresses through lower density
  • Operation without damage to concrete mixing and conveying equipment

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 2.0 to 14.0 kg per 1 m3.