Recommendations for use

Fiber X Mesh is a high-quality ultramodern substitute for steel fiber.
  • For the introduction of Fiber X Mesh, special equipment and tools are not required. No pre-mixing with water is required.
  • It is recommended to introduce Fiber X Mesh at the initial stage of mixing.
  • Fiber X Mesh is evenly distributed both in the ready-mixed concrete and in dry mixing of components (sand, crushed stone, cement).
  • Fiber X Mesh is able to mix in any type of mixer: gravity, forced action, with manual stirring.
  • Fiber can be added to the concrete mix when transported by concrete trucks (auto mixers).


  • Add Fiber X Mesh to the mixture of the required length in accordance with the recommendations for use per 1 m3.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly until the fibers are evenly distributed for at least 5 minutes/m3.*
  • When adding Fiber X Mesh directly to the concrete truck (mixer) mix necessary at high speeds (at least 70 revolutions). For optimal results, the fiber must be dry.
* The indicated mixing time is recommended at a flow rate of Fiber X Mesh at the rate of 1-3 kg per 1 m3. By increasing the dosage of the fiber, the mixing time can be extended until it is evenly distributed.


  • Fiber X Mesh should be stored in its original unopened packaging in a dry, ventilated area
  • Storage temperature: from -40° to +80° С
  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • After fiber storage at minus temperature, before use it should be maintained at least 12 hours at a plus temperature

Shelf life



Fiber and packaging are recyclable. It can be disposed of as household waste.