• With addition of TM FIBER MicroArm  there is no need to use shrinkage reinforcement mesh
  • No special equipment or tools are required to add MicroArm TM FIBER to concrete. No premixing with water is needed.
  • It is recommended to add MicroArm TM FIBER fiber at initial stage of mixing
  • Fiber MicroArm TM FIBER is distributed uniformly both in ready-mix concrete and in case of dry mixing of ingredients (sand, crushed stone, cement)
  • The fiber can be added to concrete mix during transportation in concrete mixer trucks
  • Polymer-fiber reinforced concrete can be applied to vertical surfaces mechanically using a concrete pump or a concrete sprayer to produce a shotcrete coating


  • Fiber MicroArm TM "FIBER" can be mixed using any types of mixers such as gravity mixers, forced mixers, or manually.
  • Add fiber of required MicroArm TM FIBER length to concrete in an amount according to recommended dosage rates calculated as per 1 m3.
  • Mix thoroughly to ensure even distribution of fiber: manual mixing – up to 6 minutes*, mechanical mixing – 2 to 4 minutes*
  • When fiber is added MicroArm TM FIBER to ready mixed concrete directly into a concrete mixer truck (a mixer), the mixing operation shall be carried out at high speed until the fiber is distributed uniformly
* The mixing time indicated is recommended for MicroArm TM FIBER fiber dosage rates of 0.6 to 0.9 kg per 1 m3. For higher dosage rates, the mixing time may be extended until uniform distribution of fiber is obtained.


  • Fiber MicroArm TM FIBER should be stored in original closed packages in dry ventilated premises.
  • Storage temperature: from -40° to +80° С
  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • After storage at sub-zero temperature, keep the fiber at above-zero temperature for at least 12 hours before use.
  • Storage time is unlimited provided the recommended storage conditions are observed.

Shelf life is not limited under recommended storage conditions.


The fiber and package are recyclable. They may be disposed of as household wastes.


  • Polypropylene fiber MicroArm TM FIBER is available in polyethylene bags.0.6 kg and 0.9 kg .
  • Storage of polymer fiber: 560 packages (504 kg)  on a europallet.